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So, like  most other people who shoot their mouths off, you are not going 
to state who  these two people are -- is that correct? If so, are they men 
enough to step  forward and declare this, or are they like you, who would 
shout out and be too  chicken ---- to stand behind it??? My name is Eddy Ray  
Sorry but first of all, I have no idea who you are and  second, I'm not at 
liberty to say especially since one is still playing  with him and I would 
not betray a confidence like that but it really  doesn't matter to me what 
you think about it. I don't tell lies. The other, if  you had read what I 
wrote, you would know was the trombone player who toured  with him on the video. 
I doubt if he'll ever go back to play again and I have  known him since he 
was about 14 years old, but still, it's not up to me to  say but them, if 
they wish and I doubt either of them are on this list. I know  what I heard 
from them and I also know what I heard from Woody for those 3 tunes  I tried 
very hard to listen too that night.
Again, I will ask for what the 5 th time. 
Can any band leader here honestly say if they heard a clarinet  player on 
an audition tape that played like Woody Allen and didn't know who he  was, 
would they hire him for their band? I see no one has jumped up to say yes  
because it is only his fame that brings the audience to see him and not the  
quality of his playing. Sorry but anyone who would say he is a good clarinet  
player, I would have to judge as not ever having head a really good one to 
know  as I have.
Jazz Hugs

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