[Dixielandjazz] Military service songs

W1AB at aol.com W1AB at aol.com
Tue Jun 1 11:09:52 PDT 2010

Thanks to all who offered information  on lead sheets for the service 
songs!  I'm all OK now.
    I searched some more for the correct  protocol order, and finally found 
what appears to be the definitive  answer:
When the songs are arranged in a medley format, it is  protocol to present 
them in order of junior to senior service, as follows:  
    *   _United  States Coast Guard: "Semper Paratus"_ 
    *   _United  States Air Force: "The Air Force Song"_ 
    *   _United  States Navy: "Anchors Aweigh"_ 
    *   _United  States Marines: "The Marine Corps Hymn"_ 
    *   _United  States Army: "As the Army Goes Rolling Along"_ 
                                    Thanks again, folks,      Al  B

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