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What Ho Bob,

Here's the gen you's after.

Emil Viklicky Trio
Cookin' In Bonn
Dekkor Records DRCD 020

Recorded live in Bonn's Harmonie Club in September 2004, this album captures 
Czech pianist Emil Viklicky alternating between relatively straightahead 
jazz (a blues opener that sets out the trio's stall, a rumbustious visit to 
'Cottontail') and his trademark originals: lilting, lyrical pieces laced 
with attractive melancholy, with audible roots in Moravian traditional 

Also in evidence are wit, fiercely interactive group interplay ('Wine Oh 
Wine' in particular is a great crowd-pleaser, a humorous romp involving 
tricksy changes, both rhythmic and melodic) and passages of affecting 
musing, all presented in a judiciously ordered programme that is structured 
as carefully as a club set.

Other tracks:: Father's Blues; Lover Come Back; Aspen Leaf; Desire; Wine Oh 
Wine; Song For Jane; Buhaina; Mona Lisa.
John D
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> While clearing out some papers I came across a scrap of paper with the 
> following text:
> I assume this was written down in a hurry as supplementary information to 
> a record that I have, but I can't for the life of me think which one.
> Can anyone help? (just to give me back my peace of mind)
> Cheers
> Bob Smith
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