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Mon Oct 19 15:41:47 PDT 2009

While Michael Jacson (The Beer Hunter), in his New World Gude to Jazz,
recommends its porter and ale, he says: "Given its history, it is a
shame that this family-owned brewery does not have a deeper commitment
to traditional styles."
The "Beer Lover's Companion" (1999 edition) lists all the varieties
made by that brewery, but rates only one, and gives it only one

Anyway, if I ever get to the States again, and to the Philly area, I'll seek it.


On 19/10/2009, baglady4 at juno.com <baglady4 at juno.com> wrote:
> If it wasn't for Jazz (PJJS events) I may never have discovered Yuengling....the oldest brewery in US...and  IMO the finest!!!!   Comparable to most imports :o)
> Nancie(who can't even get it in CT) :o(
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