[Dixielandjazz] It Don't Cost Very Much

David M Richoux tubaman at tubatoast.com
Wed Oct 14 16:16:24 PDT 2009

You mean not this one? One line of the chorus matches, it is sort of  
but  somehow I doubt Pat Yankee or Mahalia Jackson ever sang it!


Dave RIchoux

> Dear Richard:
> Here are the lyrics. It is a Gospel Tune by Thomas A, Dorsey who  
> also wrote "Precious Lord Take My Hand." and many others, and before  
> he was born again, "It's Tight Like That". We play it sometimes at  
> Jazz Vesper Services.
> smile when you're happy
> to smile when you're sad
> to be pleasing when mistreated
> to be calm when you're mad
> always forgiving when someone abuse you for the God Lord look for such
> do good each day and smile on your way...it don't cost very much
> help the cripple by the wayside
> help the blind man cross the street
> be careful but kind to strangers
> speak politely to those you meet
> oh, to the blind man, give him some glasses
> to the cripple man, give him a crutch
> for the good that you do will come back to you...
> it don't cost very much!

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