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The previous two links are of Pat Yankee singing at Pier 23 in San Francisco 
on her 82nd birthday. 
-- Rae Ann 


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Folks, it's been fun getting to know you. 
Can you help with this request, strange as it may seem. 

I'm Pat Yankee's No.1 fan (she doesn't know this) there's not a track yet that she sings that I don't like. 
I know of her site, but any other info. 
She sang live a song w Turk Murphy Band touring Ireland (was on youtube, but think taken off), 
Song was called "It Don't Cost Very Much". I know Mahalia Jackson sang this as well. Info on song? Who else recorded? It bands out add it to your repertoire, it has a great uplifting message. Steve B I know your up entertaining the audience, how about this? 

What did you say West Coast sound. 
No that's another story. 
What did Stan Get? 

Poor Richard 

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