[Dixielandjazz] Thanks for the memory, Ron L'H

Don Ingle cornet at 1010internet.com
Wed Oct 14 11:07:43 PDT 2009

Ron L'Herault wrote:
>  I got to hear Max Morath on educational TV and then in person
> -WONDERFUL- thanks to Celebrity Nights of the Attleboros.  I liked ragtime
> and 20s novelties a lot, probably because I was already collecting antique
> phonographs. 

Thank you, Ron. for your mention of Max Morath. Max and I are college 
mates and fraternity brothers from Colorado College (Betas if you 
wonder) and gigged many  times while there.
Wonderful player, great historian of ragtime and early jazz song book 
(especially the lyrics), and still a dear friend though we only see each 
other every decade or so - last time in Duluth where he now lives. Had 
lunch with him there four years ago,and hope to see him next fall when I 
will be in Ashland, WI, across the River from Duluth.
Here's a little story  abotu Max. He was doing a radio show, 
mid-afternoon, for an audiance of  mostly housewives in the 50's when we 
were there. Colorado Springs is hs hometown.
They did a publicity bitwith perk up the rtings,and had this picture of 
Max in a Tux and wearing a Lone Ranger type blackmask. "Who is this 
masked pianist," the poster you sae everywhere asked. Now, a half 
century later, I can still answer that question.
Every so often, in one city or another where he wa doing a date, we 
hooked up and remembered the days when we were young and still full of 
post Frat house fun.
Tanks for themention - it made my day remembering a very talented player 
and good friend, who bridged the ragtimet to early jazz period so well 
andwith so much honest respect.
Don Ingle


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