[Dixielandjazz] Joking Oliver

richard.flecknell at ntlworld.com richard.flecknell at ntlworld.com
Wed Oct 14 01:05:06 PDT 2009

Folks, don't take Blind Spots and even less so Irritations too seriously.
Rather take my lack of humour as say you might a Python or a Benny Hill sketch perhaps.

I rather liked your comedians such as Jack Benny (film, shakespeare and nazis) and George Burns (remember him saying he outlived all his doctors who'd told him to quit smoking).
Jackie Mason, good too, Frank Sinatra thought so.

Great stories of your experiences Hokum, George Lewis, Mickey Mouse Club (you having me on).

Steve B, did the swing/mainstreamers, call 'em what you will, think the same way about George Lewis. 

That hypnotic beat the George Lewis Band served up is hard to resist.
Otto's Party ~ Hawaiian Skies. No, try Willie the Weeper or Yaaky Hula (Good Time Jazz).
Those who don't get the genuine New Orleans guys perhaps treat it like you would any other folk music. They might not complete technique wise w the greats but your will feet get it even if the brain doesn't.

Just listen to them race away on Panama or their relaxed Doctor Jazz (same session).
If want to go full on, be careful some may not be able to take it, we'll all getting on a bit, try Climax Rag and Milenberg Joys 1943. Make sure those hairpieces are firmly attached.


For the trombonists out there's a story told by George Chisholm about a repair shop and his trombone, must find it for you all.
May need some help from my UK mailers ~ Chisholm might have told it on Jazz Score.
Benny Green , Acker Bilk , Ronnie Scott couldn't stop laughing.

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