[Dixielandjazz] Hank D'Amico + Metropole

David M Richoux tubaman at tubatoast.com
Sat Oct 10 10:18:16 PDT 2009

Is that the same Metropole that is referenced in the James Dempsey  
and  George Mitchell 1909 song "Ace in the Hole?"  Bobby Darin (with  
Johnny Mercer) had a great bit on their version of that song wondering  
what a Metropole was... there are many Metropole bars around the  
world, by the way - almost a generic!

Dave RIchoux

On Oct 10, 2009, at 8:11 AM, Stephen G Barbone wrote:

>> <richard.flecknell at ntlworld.com> asked:
>> Good Morning Steve,
>> As you mention Hank D'Amico I thought I'd check him up. Can't think  
>> where I have him on disc but what can you tell us about him. I see  
>> he died only aged 50 in 1965.
>> And talking of clubs, boredom, working musicians what about Red  
>> Allen at the Metropole. Is this the club where the musicians lined  
>> up in a single row?
> snip
> Regarding the Metropole, yes, the barroom had a ledge behind the bar  
> on which the bands played. It was just wide enough to get an upright  
> piano and stool, or a drum set, etc. The band members would line up  
> next to each other in a row, and play over the bar towards the  
> customers. I once saw Woody Herman play there with a 14 piece band  
> lined up in a row. Tough to keep time when you are spread out like  
> that. Especially since the sound also bounces back at you, further  
> muddying the time.
> Wilder still was the narrowness of the room. It couldn't have been  
> more than 20 feet wide, from bar stools to the back wall. So when  
> the bands played facing that back wall, the sound was deafening.  
> (Ortlieb's Jazz Haus, still open today in Philadelphia, has a  
> similar configuration, though the narrow bandstand is next to the  
> bar rather than behind it) There was also another music room in the  
> upstairs back at the Metropole, past the bar. Things were calmer  
> there.
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone
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