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OK...I'll chime in with two suggestions:
1) Al Hirt:  Listen to "Our Man in New Orleans", "Super Jazz" - Al  Hirt 
and Pete Fountain and "Al Hirt Live at the Mardi Gras"
2) Maynard: Listen to "Screamin' Blues"
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Just  been writing off line to Bill Haesler about Hawk & Carter and we're 
at  one.
But it leads me on to start a new thread. I'll call them blind spots  and 
perhaps some of you can suggest, prod or kick me away from  them.

Some of you have written to me and know that I like Bunk through  to 
Ornette (yes even him). But here's my blind spots in no particular order  just off 
the top of my head.

Fletcher Henderson's early band pre-Louis  (dire)
Paul Whiteman's efforts, excepting those very first charming sides  
(Anytime, Anywhere etc)
Clark Terry (extremely blessed trumpeter  but moves me none, mystery)
Charlie Barnet almost entire 30s bands output,  bored me silly (why him 
when you can have Lunceford, Basie,  Ellington)
Charlie Shavers (except Black Market session w Cole) (I'll take  his 
technique though)
Manny Sayles banjo playing
Al Hirt (there goes any  hope of Christmas cards from USA) exceptin first 
effort on Danced at Mardi  Gras.
Firehouse Five.
Most Kenton.

Hope I'll not be branded and  expelled.

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