[Dixielandjazz] James O'Briant ~ Bolden Cylinder

richard.flecknell at ntlworld.com richard.flecknell at ntlworld.com
Fri Oct 9 19:53:36 PDT 2009

James ... usually a Cylinder does have one playable surface. However, at the very time Bolden was playing a sound engineer, Ivor Haddam, was pioneering  his ~ the Piltdown type. It was fashioned by hand from stiff card (later in 20s used for cheap discs) rolled and stitched along the seam. The seam was an unforseen problem and the humidity would take its toll, eventually buckling the cylinder. Haddam was tragically killed crossing Canal Street ~ he had luckily avoided a tram car but was trampled over by a Papa Laine's Brass Band. His last project, The Mobius type cylinder, died with him.


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