[Dixielandjazz] Definitive Panama Record

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Sun Oct 4 19:35:21 PDT 2009

I'm feeling a need to speak up on behalf of all kinds of wannabees I  know 
who have used Sheik's research and resulting books as basic jazz  
instruction resources.  We are somewhat sizeable in number and need to  be appreciated 
by any who are hoity-toity.  (Interesting -- I just  looked that word up 
and it means "thoughtless giddy behavior".  Not at all  what I "thought" it 
meant.)  But I'll leave the word, since I'm fairly  certain that folks may be 
jumping in to "fuss" at Sheik without knowing why he  sought opinions on a 
"definitive" version.  His books are learning  tools.  And I sometimes am 
pretty sure I am hearing "varying from melody"  from pretenders who never had 
much clue about the melody to begin with.   I'd just as soon folks would 
learn the initial melody and harmony first.   Increases the odds that I will 
appreciated their improvisation.  But I  suppose that makes me hoity-toity too. 
I thought Sheik's original question was very clear; i.e., paraphrased, if  
someone ones to learn the tune using their ears, who is a good source for 
the  original melody?
Seems fair enough to me to want knowledge on that.
There, now I feel so much better.
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Good  morning Sheik,
have to disagree on playing the tune as written or very  close to it.
We certainly wouldn't have the jazz or the great players.  Enjoy Red Allen, 
Wild Bill, Humph, George Lewis, Kid Ory and Eureka Brass Band  (great 
version of Panama ~ c1961/62) and all the variations. This straying  from the 
melody especially by the greats is one of the kicks we get from jazz.  Remember 
a full version of Panama with solos as well probably couldn't have  fitted 
onto a 78rpm. There's also Panama Rag to worry about try New Orleans  
Ragtime Orchestra  c72.

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