[Dixielandjazz] Definitive "Panama" record?

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Hi all,

I think the word "greatest" belongs perhaps in sports or other statistical 
efforts, but does definitely NOT belong in the arts.  The arts are 
subjective and therefore, one can like more than one version of a song, 
indeed many different versions, each with its own charm, nuance, technical 
proficiency, etc.

How in the world can anyone say one performance is the greatest, or even is 
"greater" than another?  There are too many variables, therefore it's only 
your personal opinion!  Even the musicians who create the music differ 
greatly in their opinions, their likes and dislikes.  Please feel free to 
tell someone else which may be your favorite piece of a certain song, but 
don't even begin to state that one is the "greatest" or the definitive 

ALL the Best,

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> The greatest recording of PANAMA is by Wild Bill Davison and his 
> Commodores from 1943. End of story.
> Best wishes
> Jack Mitchell

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