[Dixielandjazz] Query on a couple songs.

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Sun Nov 22 20:36:07 PST 2009

Hi Lowell,


I had the pleasure of seeing and listening to Paul Asaro play at The Whitely Bay Jazz Festival this past July. He was great!  


He's a pretty good dancer as well!


Barbara Jordan

Burlington, Ontario, Canada


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> As part of the Community Concert Series in this town we had the stride 
> and ragtime piano player, Paul Asaro a couple nights ago. He had good 
> taste in his selections for the concert and the execution thereof. On 
> one of the James P. Johnson numbers, he posed a question that I don't 
> believe he expected to get an answer about in this relatively small, out 
> of the way town in N.D., but perhaps one of the DJML members has an 
> answer for.
> If he is not a member of the DJML, I could probably get the answer to 
> him if one is forthcoming. either on or off list.
> The title of the song is "Blueberry Rhyme." As part of his patter 
> between songs he mentioned that for about 2 years now he has been trying 
> to find out if there was a meaning behind that title? He had not found 
> one yet other then perhaps that James P. liked blueberry's. This was 
> said in jest of course. It was a serious playing, however. Very nice.
> If there is anyone on the list that knows anything about this title, let 
> me know.
> For my own information I would like to know if there is a definitive 
> answer on whether the Willie "The Lion" Smith's composition is titled, 
> as Paul gave it in the program, "Echoes Of Spring" with the plural or 
> as I thought I heard it titled as simply "Echo of Spring".? Either way 
> it is always an enjoyable number at any concert.
> Perhaps the best part of a Paul Asaro concert is that he does not just 
> stick with the tried and true like Maple Leaf Rag, but some of the more 
> obscure songs by the "stars" of ragtime and stride.
> Lowell
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