[Dixielandjazz] Hopefully, lightning never strikes in the same place twice.

Jack Mitchell fjmitch at westnet.com.au
Tue Nov 17 22:07:37 PST 2009

Welcome back Bill
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Dear friends,
At last, I'm back on line.
Thanks to an email from my dear mate Jack Mitchell, many of you will now 
know that we had a direct thunderstorm lightning hit on our quite little 
street last Thursday evening at 5.55pm.
It tripped the light and power circuits to all eight houses, whipped through 
power surge protection devices and wiped out most of the TV/internet cable 
In our house it fused Jess's small set top unit and TV, our digital cordless 
phone system, and (horror) my iMac power board, logic board, keyboard and 
the 7-unit USB hub.
Unfortunately, each Applecare repair only revealed the next fault, so it 
took from Monday morning until this morning (Wednesday) to correct the iMac 
I have yet to reconnect the two printers and scanner to see if they still 
are OK.
Talk about withdrawal symptoms!
I didn't realise how addicted I had become to the internet!
I have perused the email message backlog and will get back to those awaiting 
replies asap.
At least we managed to watch some DVDs at night and I've made a big dent in 
my neglected filing system.
Very kind regards to all,


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