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I have already sent the link below to the list, but here it is with
some information on Sahu Brenner, as provided by him:

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Shai Brenner (40), Soprano saxophonist.
Begun playing the soprano saxophone at the age of 25.
Plays from New-Orleans style through Swing to Bop.
Mostly influenced by Sonny Stitt, Stan Getz, Sonny Rollins and Sidney Bechet.
Performs today in three bands which he established:

1. Swing a-la Creole (Shai Brenner sextet): New-Orleans jazz,
Dixieland, Swing, and Sidney Bechet's compositions.
2. Gypsy jazz trio: Gypsy swing, Django Reinhardt compositions.
3. Jewish and Klezmer music trio.

Shai is also a woodwind instrument technician, qualified in France by
both Buffet-Crampon and Selmer-Paris.



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