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> Robert Ringwald" wrote (polite snip)
> And that brings me to a complaint about horn players.  I hate it  
> when they get up on the stand and warm up, annoying the audience and  
> other musicians who are trying to get set up and trying to talk not  
> too loudly so the audience can hear them.
> Why can't a horn player go into the restroom, outside, green room,  
> or somewhere else to warm up?  And why can't they warm up with a  
> mute in the horn?
> I have been at functions as a guest, not playing, and been in the  
> audience eating dinner or talking when a horn man or two or 3 start  
> warming up on stage and sometimes, due to his ignorance or the  
> ignorance of a sound man, while standing near an open mic.

I hear you Bob. I work sometimes as a sideman in a band where the  
leader horn man warms up with long tones and scales for about 5  
minutes right in front of the audience, either on the stand or on the  
main floor. I cringe as does the rest of the band, especially when he  
hits a lot of clams.

Our trumpet player, Paul Grant has a mute which blocks out almost all  
sound which he uses. It is great practicing in motel rooms when on the  
road. We all warm up outside, in a dressing room, or hallway if  
necessary. Both the trombonist and I do very little warm up. All I do  
is run the notes from bottom to top to make sure all the keys are  
working. All she (trombone) does is blow about 6 notes.

The only thing we do on the stand is tune up. Bass and guitar tune  
electronically and virtually silently. Indoors , with my 61mm barrel,  
I am just almost alway perfectly tuned to them. Trumpet tunes  
electronically and Trombone tunes during first number.

Steve Barbone

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