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I do  play washboard but have never had the nerve to try it
> in  public!
> Beth
My friend Larry Wright got me started on washboard. One Sat.  morning he 
called to say he was coming over and we went to a hardware store and  he 
bought a washboard and then to a fabric store where he bought me some  thimbles. 
We then went to his gig where he sat in a chair and told me to hit the  
thing on the 2 & 4. Lol In front of a couple of hundred people. Just do it.  Go 
to a Jazz Club and sign up or find a band to play with or just sit in. It's  
lots of fun. I finally gave my whole setup to Conrad Janice as his wife 
wanted  to learn after I had to start using a wheelchair to get around. It was 
just to  hard on gigs and most times I couldn't get up on stage so I just 
gave it  up.
Jazz Hugs

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