[Dixielandjazz] The Song for Me

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Fri Nov 6 06:10:05 PST 2009

Those of you who have recently purchased the CD (PDF file) version of my  
book "The Song for Me" may have discovered that the numbering of the very 
many  footnotes is faulty. I cannot explain how this came about, but it has now 
been  rectified - a laborious task as there are 570 of them. If you find 
yours is  at fault please return it to me for a free update.
For those unfamiliar with TSfM it is essentially a compendium of New  
Orleans' history, culture and vernacular music. It currently runs to over  
1,300,000 words and since it is updated almost on a daily basis, is far more  
comprehensive than its nearest rival, Rose & Souchon's "Jazz: A Family  Album" 
(last version back in 1984).
Brian Wood 

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