[Dixielandjazz] Hypothetical Question

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Hi all,
In St. Louis, we used to have a drummer named "Lush" Dories...  When he got 
tanked, he would slow things down a bit.  One night, Lush was on drums, and 
the great Sammy Gardner (clarinet) was standing beside me and we started 
playing, "Do You Know What It Means..." at about a nice lilt of a tempo and 
sure enough, (the beer was free back then...) Lush was tanked and started 
getting slower and slower.  As the second chorus came around, Lush was 
getting even slower and slower.  Still smiling at the crowd, Sammy stage 
whispered to me, "Do you think this song is going to stop before it ends???"
ALL the Best,

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> I am reminded of the old joke about the drummer who was always dragging,
> always slowing things down. Finally, the leader just had to fire him. The
> drummer was so despondent, he went out and threw himself behind a train.
> Ca-ching boom crash.

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