[Dixielandjazz] Bud or Bill?

Anton Crouch anton.crouch at optusnet.com.au
Sun Nov 1 18:52:36 PST 2009

Hello all

Richard has raised a couple of MOST interesting questions about the King
Oliver "Dippermouth" on Gennett. With regard to the banjo player, I
can't see how anyone would think it was Bill Johnson - to me it's
clearly Bud Scott. With regard to the vocal interjection, to date I've
gone with the tide and have just taken it for granted that it is by Bill

Listening to the 3 "Dippermouth"s and "Kentucky Stomp" now leads me to
believe that the interjector on the Gennett "Dippermouth" is Bud Scott.

My reasons?
1. The "Kentucky Stomp" could be a furphy - isn't the vocalist Buddy Burton?
2. The Gennett and OKeh "Dippermouth"s have different recording
acoustics. One has to listen to the phrasing of the vocalist. I find the
pronunciation of "thing" as "theeng" common to both recordings.

The memories of Baby Dodds and Lil Hardin do not necessarily conflict
with this conclusion. Couldn't Bill Johnson have been present in the
studio? Might he not have called-out the first "Oh play that thing" when
Baby Dodds had a lapse during a rehearsal or early take? Bear in mind
that the issued take is number 3 and that there is no reason to believe
that the interjection is anything but rehearsed on this take.

All the best,

>> Have a look at this site Bill.
>> Any others for opinions?
>> http://dippermouth.blogspot.com/2009/02/more-oliver-confusion-who-shouted-play.html
>> Richard

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