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I saw that too.  I was on the bandstand with her for the Newhart show.  In fact I was almost in the pic taken of Marilyn with Bob Newhart.  You can see my husband's reflection in the mirror....I'm behind Mr. Newhart's head!

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Nice bio about her on Wikepdia

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This is kind of off topic.  But I thought many of you might remember my friend Marilyn Borden.  She and her sister Roz are best known for their roles as "Teensy and Weensy" on an episode of "I Love Lucy."
I first met her at a meeting of our Dixieland Jazz Society.  Roz had died and Marilyn was mustering the courage to try stepping out on her own.  I told her to contact local band leader, Ernie Bucio.  Marilyn performed several times with Ernie's Little Big Band and I got to know Marilyn quite well.
She gave me a beautiful set of pewter wine goblets last year as a wedding present.  She and her husband had purchased them on their honeymoon 40 years ago.  I will treasure them always.
Rest well my friend.  Thank you for being part of my life.
in Modesto, CA
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