[Dixielandjazz] Oldest Trad Band still playing

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'Once a Salty Dog, You are a Salty Dog forever.' Not a 'reunion band', 
although we have had reunions over the years. Not permanent? C'mon Marek, 
get over it!  The Salty Dogs Jazz Band, The Original Salty Dogs, no matter 
how you slice it, is more of a brotherhood. We all started together in 1947 
from a idea of Birch Smith and Dick Mushlitz at Purdue Univ.  As players 
graduated, they were replaced with others.  In the '60's the 'Original' was 
added to separate the 'campus band' from the group of grads who moved to 
Chicago and played. The 'roots' were laid and the tradition continuous today 
62 years later.

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> Not quite.  The current day Salty Dogs are a different band; moreover,
> they are kind of a "reunion band" rather than a permanent outfit.
> Cheers

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