[Dixielandjazz] List of Buck Creek Jazz Band recordings

Daniel Augustine ds.augustine at mail.utexas.edu
Sat Mar 21 20:46:29 PDT 2009

DJMLers and others--
     My buddy Jeff Van Horn recently came back from the cruise in  
which the Buck Creek Jazz Band played their last concert.  Being of  
compulsive nature, he naturally had to buy ALL of the recordings that  
the band had ever made (for sale).  In a weak moment, he lent them to  
me, and included in the sackful was a list of all the recordings.   
Since my desultory scouring of the web turned up no other lists of  
their recordings, and since i am of an even more compulsive nature, i  
decided to pass this list onto others.
     This largesse is not entirely altruistic, as i'd like to see if  
someone knows what year the BC-XXX ("Bar Harbor") recording was made.   
This list is more-or-less chronological, and it ain't a discography by  
a long shot.  I just figured other compulsives might find it useful.

The following list was done in 12-point Courier, which will make the  
columns line up if you use it.

1)   1977-78    Out of the Basement	BC-LE2
2)   ?          Bar Harbor (early "lost recording")      BC-XXX  (2-CD  
3)   1980       Buck Creek Jazz Band                     BC-101
4)   1980       Hear The Buck Creek Jazz Band            BC-102
5)   1982       Potomac River Blues                      BC-103
      1982-84    Wine, River & Song (*)            Summit World Jazz  
6)   1984       Vintage 1984                             BC-104
7)   1987       Ten Years Old                            BC-105
8)   1987       10th Year                                BC-106
9)   1988       At the Beach                             BC-107
10)  1990       Havin' Fun                               BC-108
11)  1990       The Way It Was! West Palm Beach - 1990   BC-LE01
12)  1990-2007  Chattanooga thru' the Years              BC-119
13)  1991       Central City                             BC-114
14)  1993       Just the Way Fred Liked 'Em              BC-109
15)  1994       Capital Jazz                             BC-111
16)  1995       On the Road to Chattanooga               BC-110
17)  1997       At 20                                    BC-112
18)  1998       Anna's Boys                              BC-113
19)  2002       25 Years                                 BC-115
20)  2002-03    Contrasts                                BC-116
21)  2004       Just a Little While to Stay Here         BC-117
22)  2006       The Crest Theatre and The Golden Eagle   BC-LE3
23)  2006       At the Arizona Classic Jazz Festival     BC-DVD-1   
24)  2007       Hot Jazz in Stone and Steel              BC-118

(* The _Wine, River & Song_ CD listed on the Jazz by Mail website is a  
special compilation authorized by BCJB appearing to consist of most of  
the songs on CDs 5 and 6.)

**  Dan Augustine  --  Austin, Texas  --  ds.augustine at mail.utexas.edu
**     "ABSTAINER, n.  A weak person who yields to the temptation of  
**      himself a pleasure."   --  Ambrose Bierce in _The Devil's  

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