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Hi  Folks,

I just heard back from the collector who had asked me (through  an 
intermediary) a while back if I could get any information on Martin Block  and the Make 
Believe Ballroom. I finally heard back from him via the  intermediary today, 
asking me to pass on his thanks for all the responses and  in particular to 
Mark Weber, whose tip-off led the collector to a direct  contact with 2 of Martin 
Block's daughters. This in turn has led to them  sharing a great deal of 
useful information with him, so he's now one very  happy collector.
Thanks folks. Great list: someone somewhere usually has  that elusive vital 
piece of information on just about everything to do with  OKOM!


Ken  Mathieson

Dear Ken,
                      Can you imagine the odds?    In my other life I'm a  
(disk jockey on the side)(full-time record collector ! )
and the population of Albuquerque is a million-plus
and I happen to walk into a house to do a small job  (paint one wall  is all 
! )   BUT
on in the front door foyer is this poster for the Make Believe Ballroom 
so I say,  Wow,  I know about that radio show.  And she  says,  "My dad was 
Block."        It's a small world  sometimes.
mark weber
House Painter 
KUNM radio 
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