[Dixielandjazz] Mike or Mic?

Tony Davis tony at tony-davis.co.uk
Mon Mar 16 12:05:53 PDT 2009

But surely you say "tel-EFF-oh-nist" rather than "tel-e-PHONE-ist"?
Don't you?? :-)

With regard to the original question, I would always use "mike".  The
alternative - which seems to be prevalent, like many other usages that I
would prefer not to exist - gives me a mental jolt whenever I see it,
particularly when used in the plural.

Tony Davis
Pedant extraordinaire

David Richoux wrote:
> I always get a kick out of hearing those "Proper BBC Announcers" saying 
> "Sax-OFF-oh-nist" instead of the more common 'Merican "Sax-o-PHONE-ist" 
> (or "Sax-a-PHONE-ist")
> But I have no idea who is actually "Correct" ;-)
> Dave RIchoux

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