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Great Commercial, Tamas!  How could anyone of any age watch that and  then 
stay home?
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Dear  Listmates,

Last year somebody commented on our TV spot that we made for  our
festival, saying that it is very strange that a jazz festival has a  TV
spot, and a good one. I don'T know how many other festivals care  about
such things, we certainly want to advertise ours properly (with  minimum
marketing budget, of course). Anyway, please, spread the word  around the
world: the Bohem Festival's TV spot can be watched either on our  website
at www.bohemragtime.com (it starts automatically) or there is a  higher
quality version on http://www.bohemragtime.com/en/09tvspot.html - I  also
uploaded it onto YouTube at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixESoXWfN2g

One more thing: the Bohem  Festival will be broadcast LIVE on INTERNET
only. Dates: March 26-28,  details will be given soon! Stay  tuned!



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