[Dixielandjazz] Big Bear Stompers UK

Tony Davis tony at tony-davis.co.uk
Fri Mar 13 05:20:00 PDT 2009

Hi Phil,

Thanks for your input.  I think I've solved the problem - the frame rate 
needed to be adjusted.  The .mpg file played ok in WMP but was wildly 
out after uploading to YouTube.

I've tried various file converters but for the moment I've settled on 
DVDZip, which rips chapters from a DVD and gives a wide choice of 
formats to convert to.  Unfortunately the start and end of the chapters 
don't quite match up with the start and end of the tunes, which is why 
the current YouTube video of Big Bear Stomp has the intro of Granpa's 
Spells tagged onto the end.  Again, I've tried different editing 
programs but none is really satisfactory and there's an inevitable 
reduction in quality.



> Which editing software are you using? I use Adobe Premier and have found 
> that I sometimes need to separate the audio track and stretch it 0.005% 
> when I am making a DVD from a videotape.
> Phil Wilking
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