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Could be Ron, but $25 per hour per musician is still too low, IMO.

Here was his response to me today:

"Unfortunately, we can only pay up to $50 per hour- let me know if  
you're still interested. Thanks! "

I responded that if that was "per musician", we could do 3 hours in  
the afternoon, for $900, but not after 6 PM on a Saturday Night.


On Mar 12, 2009, at 1:59 PM, Ron L wrote:

> Could that possibly be a per musician wage?   It is addressed to
> entertainers and some work alone.
> Ron L
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> Here's what happens when music is viewed simply as a commodity and not
> as something that will enhance the event. <grin>
> This was sent out to about 50 bands. I've deleted the name and other
> contact information, but if anyone is interested to do this gig for
> the exposure, write me and I'll supply it. Caveat, if in an outdoors
> venue, it is likely to be about 45 to 55 degrees.
> I did reply with our band information and our minimum charge for a
> three hour gig, during the day, and/or night (indoors only) which far
> exceeds their stated pay scale. <grin>
> I don't know how BSJB got into their data base as we have never
> performed at this Wine & Dine Festival, though we have performed in
> several venues in Newark, including several at the University of
> Delaware and the Iron Hill Brewpub.
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone
> http://.www.myspace.com/barbonestreetjazzband
> *** Start of Email to BSJB
> The Downtown Newark Partnership is seeking musicians for Downtown
> Newark's 5th Annual Wine and Dine festival, to be held Saturday, March
> 28th, 2009. I'm contacting you to see if you are interested in
> performing because your information is in our data base from our Food
> and Brew Festival held in July. Essentially, this event will work the
> same as the Food and Brew Fest or previous Wine and Dine events.
> We will pay $25 per hour, or $30 per hour if assigned to the event
> shuttle/trolley. Times and locations will be assigned by the Downtown
> Newark Partnership. Your name, time(s) and performance location(s)
> will appear in the event itinerary (if set in time for publishing
> deadlines), which will be available at the Wine and Dine Information
> Center and at participating restaurants, as well as on the shuttle/
> trolley. You will check in at the Information Center in front of
> Wilmington Trust before your performance.
> Musicians not requiring electricity are preferred, although some
> accommodations for electric may be arranged.
> If you are interested in performing, please respond to me either via
> email or fax at (302) 366-7160 with the following information:
> Name
> Address
> Entertainment Type
> Electricity or other needs
> Times you are available to perform that day
> Whether or not you would like to perform on the trolley
> We will review our needs with your avialability and send a contract to
> you in the beginning of March, if selected. Funds are limited for
> entertainment, so please do not delay in responding.
> Thank you for your attention to this matter. Should you have any
> questions, or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact
> me at *******
> ********  **************
> Intern, City of Newark Planning and Development
> ***End of email.
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