[Dixielandjazz] Songs For The Times

PHIL WILKING philwilking at bellsouth.net
Mon Mar 9 17:36:10 PDT 2009

Did you sing it with the original lyrics? It's old enough that the parents 
of the current crop of "whiz kids" (who just know in their souls that 
they're smarter than anyone who ever came before them) couldn't name it 
without prompting. Much less recognize that it applies to them.

Phil Wilking

Those who would exchange freedom for
security deserve neither freedom nor security.

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From: "Robert Ringwald" <rsr at ringwald.com>

> In December I played solo piano for receptions that a financial advisor 
> had for his clients.  It was 3-nights in a row.
> After his little talk, I played "Brother Can You Spare a Dime."  Three 
> nights in a row and no one got it.

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