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PHIL WILKING philwilking at bellsouth.net
Mon Mar 9 10:32:11 PDT 2009

I can't cite them offhand, but - for the really concrete-headed opponents of
"unnecessary cultural frills in school," which goes hand-in-hand with this -
respectable academic studies have been done which document that those whose
school programs include music (one of the first "frill" programs dropped) do
significantly better in mathematics and other sciences than those who have
not had such school programs. And surely the USA needs all the good
home-grown technical people it can get, when we are importing them hand over
fist and out-sourcing so many technical positions.

Phil Wilking

Those who would exchange freedom for
security deserve neither freedom nor security.

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From: "Stephen G Barbone" <barbonestreet at earthlink.net>
> Some other cities, NYC for example, are also backing arts funding
> programs. Yet, others are dropping arts program funding entirely.

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