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Stephen G Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 9 08:18:31 PDT 2009

> Donald Mopsick <donmopsick at att.net>
> Steve Barbone wrote:
> "Herb Gardner? Well, he is not the kind of guy that talks about  
> himself,
> preferring to let his trombone do the talking.
> "However he has gigged with quite a few superb OKOMers over the last
> 50 years or so including: Wild Bill Davison, Kenny Davern, Dick
> Wellstood, Roy Eldridge, Gene Krupa, Henry Red Allen, Bobby Hackett,
> Jimmy Rushing, Doc Cheatham, Max Kaminsky, Wingy Manone, Yank
> Lawson, Ruby Braff, Charlie Shavers, Pee Wee Erwin, Billy Butterfield,
> Jimmy McPartland, Pee Wee Russell, Art Hodes, Arvell Shaw, Milt Hinton
> et al. Well, you get the idea."
> You left out Don Mopsick. Whaddayou live in a cave or something?

Oops, sorry Don. Ed Metz and a few others also wrote me, though off  
list, to say that I had left them out.  But then, I did give the link  
to those who Herb lists  on his website Ed wrote:

BEGIN QUOTE "Yeah, and Ed Metz too!! C'mon there Stevo, your memory  
must be on the backside of the hill. Herb is a great guy to have on  
the gig. He knows exactly what to do all of the time. He reads like a  
Hawk (he's handled the Bob Cat book on ocassions), and he knows a  
million tunes. Besides that, I owe him one. This past fall I called  
him to cover for me on piano at a PJS gig that I was to front but  
couldn't make, the result of a broken hip down here in FL. (BTW, I'm  
OK now and back out on the playing scene again. As a matter of fact, I  
have a job tonight with Paul Hubbell in Vero beach, FL) Again, kudos  
to Herb, and to you for bringing him to everyone's attention."  END  

No good deed goes unpunished. <grin>

I assure those who I left out that it was not intentional. I was just  
getting tired of typing in names and figured you were covered by the  
"et al".  Shoot, I even left myself out, but having played a time or  
two with Herb, second Ed Metz's assertion that Herb Gardner knows  
exactly what to do, all the time.

Fact is Herb has played with over 200 of the finest jazz musicians and  
singers in the genre, many of whom list mates would recognize. Yet,  
I';d wager that most DJMLers know little, if anything about this  
wonderful OKOM musician/man.

Others with whom Herb played, that I left out included: Dick  
Sudhalter, Tom Pletcher, Benny Morton, Cutty Cutshall, Bob Wilber,  
Edmond Hall, Stan Rubin, Ken Peplowski, Sol Yaged,
Al Cohn, Benny Carter, Scott Hamilton, Al Gallidoro, Dave Frishberg,  
Marion McParland,
Marty Napoleon, Keeter Betts, Major Holley, Eddie Condon, Carl Kress,  
Sonny Greer, Zutty Singleton, Johnny Blowers, Maxine Sullivan . . . ET  

For the list of those players Herb lists as sharing the stand with  
(over 200) , see:

Steve Barbone

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