[Dixielandjazz] Our Friend's Donkey

Hal Vickery hvickery_80 at msn.com
Sun Mar 8 10:32:25 PDT 2009

That reminds me of a couple of things my dad used to say when my brother and I took German (he in college, I in high school):

"Wie geht's?"
"Ve got no gates.  Ve chump over de fence."

"Was sagts du"
"They lost 2-0."

Hal Vickery
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  >> He said, "Oh, we call our donkey "Shane."
  > [Off List]
  > OK Bob, you've lost me.
  > Which is not hard at my age!
  > What am I missing?

  Well, Bill -- It'll come through -- Just say it over and over again:  donkeyshane, donkeyshane, donkeyshane.   Then somebody will say, "You're velcome, bitte."

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