[Dixielandjazz] EV Farey

Charlie Hull charliehull7920 at sbcglobal.net
Tue Mar 3 17:41:51 PST 2009

I'm an Ev Farey fan, too, Bill. One of the few horn men who play 
straight-ahead trad without it sounding NewOrleansy.

He put out an album back in the late 70's called "Live and At Bay", with 
Bill Napier, Bob Mielke, Carl Lundsford, Mike Duffy and Hal Smith. I 
just about wore out the LP before getting it onto cassette and now onto 
CD. No tomfoolery; just honest straight jazz.

When Maggie'n'me had our wedding reception back in ought-eighty, Ev, 
Napier and Mielke came up from the Bay and jammed with us. Whatever they 
did that day sure worked... the honeymoon is still on.

When are you going to put together another guitar-based set at the 
monthly jazz session? That was soooo nice.

Charlie Hull

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