[Dixielandjazz] Prettiest Melody

Hal Vickery hvickery_80 at msn.com
Mon Mar 2 19:28:49 PST 2009

Maybe not technically OKOM, but it was recorded by Billy Butterfield with the Artie Shaw band, and it certainly is MKOM, another Carmichael song...his best:  Star Dust (or Stardust, depending on when the sheet music/recording was made).  In particular (which Butterfield didn't record with Shaw), the verse.

I must have been less than five years old when my dad turned me on to that record, and to Jack Jenney's trombone solo.

I could go with Solace, too, except for the way I used to play it back in the days when I still tried to play.  Ellington is also MKOM, and Solitude makes me weep when I hear it played well.

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