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Mon Mar 2 14:27:42 PST 2009

Ah the name Ev Farey - - - To hear it always warms the cockles of my 
heart, for his being the staunch traditionalist he is.  It  is from a 
tape and an album of his that I first learned several trad tunes.  He 
made it a strong point to never place him in the "dixieland" category 
of playing music, but rather let it be known that he played 
"traditional jazz", and good-god not dixieland.   As a result, as per 
Ev, I've ended up always telling ( i.e. correcting ) people and 
defining our style of music as "American Traditional".

  For anyone not having the genuine opportunity of being a snob, here it 
is. Point your nose in the air, join Ev, myself, and other elitists who 
refuse to let people tell us that we play "Dixeland" music.  ( If need  
be, practice a sneer in the mirror as if speaking to someone, and 
loathingly say "It's not dixieland we're playing. It's more correctly 
called Trad"!  note:  avoid the concluding word "idiot").

In today's  politically correct world, Ev was "a  first" - - - always 
giving people the politically correct term for his style of music - 
-even before "politically correct" came into vogue.  As I recall, it 
was just  around the time when Negroes wanted us to change the way we 
looked at them and wanted to be to be called Black, that Ev was wanting 
us to look at the the musicians of his caliber and not be called a 
dixieland player, but a trad player.

[ Note:  In the true spirit of all of this, would "American Traditional 
Music Mailing List  -- ATMML" - -- therefore be a better name  for this 
organization? ]

Bill  - -aka ATM - -(American Traditional Musician) - - -Sharp

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