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> dwlit at cpcug.org (Sheik wrote - polite snip)
> As for the "High Society" clarinet solo, Melrose in the late 20s  
> published
> an orchestration by Fud Livingston with clarinet trio by Benny Goodman
> (another sax trio was written by Tram). Goodman's trio does ca. half  
> the
> Picou solo, then goes off into a variation that doesn't resemble the
> Picou. I suspect that Melrose did a version of the chart early in  
> the 20s,
> whenever the tune first became popular, but haven't seen it. My fake  
> book sheet has the Johnny Dodds version of Picou from the King  
> Oliver record.

Yes, and it is close enough for jazz. <grin>

All clarinet players who wish to pay homage to Picou and/or Dodds  
should get a copy of the solo from Sheik, and/or buy his fake book,  
which is EXCELLENT.

BTW, even Charlie Parker often quoted the first two bars of the Picou  
solo, paying homage,  on many records of various songs, including his  
Koko written over the changes of Cherokee at somewhere around 325  
beats per minute.

When the bridge would give band mates trouble, he would smile and say;  
"Think Tea For Two and then modulate". That would straighten them out.

Steve (clarinet wannabe) Barbone

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