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Yvonne Au jazz4ev at gmail.com
Sun Aug 30 15:54:40 PDT 2009

Thanks in part to the recent DJML thread, "Can Jazz be Saved?", the Trad
Jazz Youth Band     Festival organizers have recently discussed how youth
bands could learn to better communicate their enjoyment of performing
traditional jazz with their audience, and they are now pioneering an
exciting Jazz Workshop that is reflected by the February 2010 festival's new
byline, "Jazz With Personality." Clinicians including Bob Draga and Eddie
Erickson, will demonstrate ensemble work utilizing the *“E” Factor – how to
Excite, Energize, and Engage your audience*.

Festival bands will be encouraged to make the most of their “*E*” Factor by
developing their "Stage Presence," which is an adjudication criterion (15%
weight).  Student bands will be expected to emcee their sets following a
brief welcome introduction by festival staff.  As a nod to recent DJML
comments, TJEN President David Robinson reminds bands that, “there's a fine
line between engaging your audience and lapsing into shtick.  Our ‘Concept’
adjudication criterion encourages bands to relate well to their audience,
but also warns that ‘excessive on-stage antics will not be seen as a
substitute for musicality in the eyes of the judges’.”

Yvonne Au, Coordinator
Trad Jazz Youth Band Festival
c/o Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society
E-mail:  youthbandfest at sacjazz.org
Web site:  www.sacjazz.org/youthfestival/

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