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Nonsense  . . .
one version of this  composition turned up on the CD of supposed retrievals from the archives of Edison records on a Document CD with a title like PIONEERS OF COUNTRY MUSIC  -- I can't find my copy at the moment to compare....
a Victor recording with "Stuff"  on the "a" side is listed with some other titles in RUST, and as far as I'm aware so-called Country Music was organised like commercial pop music and took up trendy influences, Robison engaging freelances to play pretty well jazz, and what to put a man in a better mood than a nice little recording date when having been asked to imitate jazz you can just sit or stand there and play it. 
Later the Country Music thing went into tawdry travesties of Boogie Woogie, and right through since the beginning of recording there was some decent fiddle playing not unlike what might have been heard in Ireland, Shetland or wherever. 
and the following represents past European wisdom on the Robison OKOMedy
Carson Robison (vcl,g) Frank Luther (vcl) duets   Mike Mosiello (tp) Andy Sannella (cl) New York, c. May 1929 
E-29928 Left my gal in the mountains Br 4329 
Carson Robison Trio : Carson Robison (vcl) Frank Luther (vcl)   Phil Napoleon (tp) Carson Robison or Roy Smeck (g) New York, May 27, 1929 
401988-A Left my gal in the mountains Okeh 45345 
401989-A Goin' back to Texas 
Carson Robison's Kansas City Jack Rabbits : Earl Oliver (tp) prob Sammy Lewis (tb) prob Larry Abbott (as) Murray Kellner (vln) prob Bill Wirges (p) Carson Robison (g) Andy Sannella (steel-g) unknown (d) New York, July 31, 1929 
53969-2 Stuff Vic V38074, Broadway BR117 
53970-3 Nonsense -, 
Note : Broadway BR117 entitled "White hot jazz – Volume 2(1927-1930)", rest of this LP by other artists 
Carson Robison's Madcaps : prob similar pers. New York, October 2, 1929 
N-1168 Stuff Ed 14085 
N-1169 Nonsense 
The Carson Robison Orchestra : Mike Mosiello (tp) Tommy Dorsey (tb) 2 cl/as, cl/ts, p, Carson Robison (g) 
Joe Tarto (b) Stan King (d) New York, November 2, 1929 
403225-B Nothin' Okeh 41389 
403226-B Less than that -, MfC 5, Broadway BR108 
Note : Music For Collectors MfC5 entitled "A hodge-podge of Offbeat Jazz – Volume 2", rest of this LP 
by other artists. 
Carson Robison (vcl,g) Frank Luther (as Bud Billings)(vcl) duet   Earl Oliver (tp) unknown tb, as, bj New York, December 23, 1929 
57943-2 His old cornet Vic V40208 
57944-2 Why ain't I got no sweetheart ? 
57945-2 Smoky mountain Bill V40217 
Carson Robison (vcl,g)   Murray Kellner (vln) unknown p and b New York, April 22, 1931 
53051-1 Wolf at the door Vic 23556 
Carson Robison and his Pioneers : Max Goldberg (tp) unknown cl, p, Carson Robison (vcl,g) London, June 2, 1932 
GB-4541-2 Stack O'Lee blues pt 1 De F3026 
GB-4542-2 Stack O'Lee blues pt 2 

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Today on a message board, someone posted this link to a recording from the late '20s by Carson Robison which (after you get past the pseudo-hillbilly opening of the record is definitely OKOM...in fact I think I detect Joe Venuti "four string" playing on it) is definitely OKOM:  http://www.box.net/shared/k8byfmhpm4

The song is titled Nonsense.  I thought I recognized the changes as "Tiger Rag" (fourth strain).  Someone else suggested "Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey."

With my horrible background in music theory and my tin ear for picking up on changes, I guess my question is, are we hearing the same thing?  In other words, do all three tunes have the same changes, or is the Robison recording one, the other, a combination of both or both since the changes are identical (which I'm not sure of)?


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