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> Hal Vickery <hvickery_80 at msn.com> aasks
> Today on a message board, someone posted this link to a recording  
> from the late '20s by Carson Robison which (after you get past the  
> pseudo-hillbilly opening of the record is definitely OKOM...in fact  
> I think I detect Joe Venuti "four string" playing on it) is  
> definitely OKOM:  http://www.box.net/shared/k8byfmhpm4
> The song is titled Nonsense.  I thought I recognized the changes as  
> "Tiger Rag" (fourth strain).  Someone else suggested "Won't You Come  
> Home Bill Bailey."
> With my horrible background in music theory and my tin ear for  
> picking up on changes, I guess my question is, are we hearing the  
> same thing?  In other words, do all three tunes have the same  
> changes, or is the Robison recording one, the other, a combination  
> of both or both since the changes are identical (which I'm not sure  
> of)?

Dear Hal:

Yes, these are the same changes.. They are all the same sequence, and  
are shared by more than 50 tunes the last time I counted. <grin>

The ones I remember are Amapola, Beer Barrel Polka, Under The Double  
Eagle, Walk Right Back, Bourbon Street Parade, Tiger Rag (Hold That  
Tiger strain), Just Because, Washington & Lee Swing, Over The Waves,  
Hindustan (except for bars 26 & 27 which use a flat 6 chord), Mexicali  
Rose, Moonlight & Roses, Nonsense.

Many more out there. No doubt listmates can provide the rest.


Steve Barbone

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