[Dixielandjazz] Politics

ROBERT R. CALDER serapion at btinternet.com
Tue Aug 25 11:27:35 PDT 2009

I once volunteered to review a CD on a small label for one of the sites I used to review for. 
The performer was keen enough to have a review online, but insisted on checking the site.
He found there an ancient quote from a long-deceased fellow American
which he appreciated easily enough was there as an allusion to President George W. Bush  . . . 
and thus 
on no account would he agree to provide a review copy for any site displaying such sympathies.

My only personal acquaintance with an American politician was long ago,
I was on a school exchange visit and in Kentucky
I had just come out for air from an official dinner 
"Say, is that a real plaid tie?" this man asked me. 
He seemed terribly interested, he was wearing party insignia 
and had a number of hangers-on hanging on . . . ..
He gave me a piece of paper with his picture on it 
just like the ones on various buildings etc. 
he seemed fascinated, until one of the hangers on told him 
that Scottish teenagers didn't as a rule have a vote in his state...  
It has to be said that he didn't quite get the point, at first... 
Neither did I, but .. 


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