[Dixielandjazz] Nazi Dance Band Rules - - A Fake?

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> In Storyville magazine No. 60  (August-September, 1975) Berhard Behncke 
> quoted from Berliner Lokal-Anzeiger of October 12, 1935 : "Niggerjazz is 
> no longer allowed". Berhard then said  "Ironically this did not stop the 
> dictators pressing many jazz records from original masters until 1939.. 
> but only for foreigners and for export!"
> In Storyville 61 (October-November, 1975)  Horst Lange of Berlin wrote: 
> "It is simply not true to say that at that time jazz records were sold 
> only to foreigners or exported. Everybody could buy them in unlimited 
> numbers from most record shops until September, 1939. It was only on the 
> German radio that one heard no more jazz".
> Lange wrote a book called JAZZ IN GERMANY which would probably discuss the 
> whole matter in detail, but it's not a book that I've read. How about it, 
> Bill??
> Best wishes
> Jack Mitchell

I don't know when they were issued, but I have two 'pristine' 1937 Benny 
Carter 78's on German Brunswick. These are tracks he recorded in The Hague 
which included Scotland's own George Chisholm on trombone. I can't recall 
which sides I have as the discs are still packed away from my last home move 
...... over 5 years ago !!

Over the years I have been frequently puzzled by this business of the Nazis 
and jazz. Given the amount of jazz/swing which was recorded in the occupied 
countries between 1939 and 1945 it would appear not to be so frowned upon 
there as in Der Fatherland.
John D

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