[Dixielandjazz] GREAT CA FESTIVAL, Kudos

Janie McCue Lynch janie39 at socal.rr.com
Tue Aug 11 21:59:38 PDT 2009

I am glad that things are moving towards a solution that you find workable,
Judie. Sorry I didn't see you at the festival this year. 


I love the Orange County Classic Jazz Festsival. The calibre of musicianship
is simply top notch. I listen to the groups as a whole and to the
individuals and am so grateful that Connie, John and Larry work so hard to
put this together each year. I have my reservations in for next year, too.
Hope to make San Diego this year, also. 


There were simply too many excellent performances to single out "the best,"
even though that is a request on the comments / review form. Just so many
good performances....Yerba Buena Stompers, High Sierra, Pieter Meijers
Quarter with Brady McKay, whose voice and presentation is better than I've
ever heard her before, Ivory and Gold, Titan Hot Seven (when they're not
indulging in slapstick), Le Hot Club, Club 7, Sonny Leyland Trio....Dan
Levinson w/ Sons of Rosy, etc. Way, way too many other good musicians to
name all of them...but each one of those groups and individuals are first


I did end up choosing Independence Hall as my "the best." That group, led by
Doug Finke, doesn't present with flash or schtick....simply a group of great
musicians playing exceptionally well together. 




janie39 at socal.rr.com 


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Good for you, Judie - 

That festival is the toughest of all to get through to about 

Anything. Perseverance paid off! 

The festival was wonderful. The music was just great. 

I've already signed up for next year. I hope they have my 

Favorite bands back again. 

Thanks for sending this... 

-- Rae Ann 





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We spent last weekend at the Orange County (CA) Classic Jazz Festival, 


Had a wonderful time. Attendance was good, which shows that if you build 

A good festival, and run it well, they will come. We especially enjoyed 

The St. Louis Stompers and the Yerba Buena Stompers and Le Jazz Hot, the 

Django outfit from San Francisco, but there were many other very good 


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