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Thanks Bill, it worked!  So simple!


Were you at Whitely Bay?


I was and saw The Chicago Stompers - very good - we travelled into NewCastle on the city bus at midnight one night with a few of them after the shows. That's where we were staying, but the boys were out for some fun!


My favourite group at the Festival were The Hot Five Reed Warmers from France.  Outstanding!


Barbara Jordan

Burlington, Ontario, Canada
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> Barb Jordan wrote [in part]:
> > I don't know how to send a link from You Tube. If someone could let 
> > me know that would be great!!
> Dear Barbara,
> As no one closer to home has answered your query, here is what I do 
> with my iMac.
> With the YouTube video of your choice on screen, highlight the full 
> 'address' in the uppermost window and <copy> it.
> Then <paste> this link into your outgoing email (or whatever).
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgVvMf2TobM
> Very kind regards,
> Bill.

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