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Stephen G Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 8 11:12:40 PDT 2009

> John Petters <jdpetters at btinternet.com> wrote (in answering Mike L's  
> post):
>> ( Mike's post) Agreed.  I'm not a "fan" per se, and only fell for  
>> the restoration and, ahem, the selection, as I'm not always a  
>> vocals guy.  Just wanted a good selection of a reedman I have heard  
>> very little of but cannot deny I consider fabulous.  My only taste  
>> previously was a fuzzy radio cassette from the 40s.
> If the Gramercy's are on there it will be worth whatever you are  
> paying
> for it Mike,

Amen to that John, especially IMO, if they include the later edition  
of the Gramercy 5  with Hank Jones (pno) Tal Farlow (gui), Joe Roland  
(vibes) and Tommy Potter (dbl bs)

Shaw described it as "chamber music" and not particularly jazz. He was  
searching for a newer musical form. He also switched clarinets from  
his usual Selmer to a Buffet (to get a more classical sound?)  and on  
his embouchure, took just a little of the mouthpeice into his mouth  
and stayed close to the mic.  There are some stunning songs on them,  
which hopefully are included on your record set..

I hope they include "Star Dust',  "Dancing on the Ceiling", and the  
incredible "Don't Take Your Love From Me".
It may or may not be jazz, certainly isn't Dixieland, but it surely is  
GREAT music. From an extraordinary musician and a great small band.

Hank Jones was enthralled with this group and every time he saw Shaw  
after that band disbanded in the 1950s and Shaw quit the music  
business, (1955?) would say. "Let's do it again." But he never could  
convince Shaw to do it again. Pity.

I saw the group at the Embers in NYC circa 1954 and was enthralled.

Steve Barbone

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