[Dixielandjazz] I must be sick.

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Don't forget the final Gramercy Five recordings made in 1954. These takes
were much longer allowing Artie to stretch out. They also show a more modern
outlook to Shaw's playing. They were released on CD on the MusicMasters
label. In the liner notes, Shaw reminisces about his 1954 big band and
complains that all the audience wants to hear are his hits from the '30.
This, he says, drove him to quit playing entirely.

I've always enjoyed the musical experimentation of Artie Shaw from the use
of strings to the harpsichord. What I didn't like was some of the endless
repetition of a riff in "Summit Ridge Drive" and a couple of the other
Gramercy Fives of that period.

Stan Brager

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> Hi Mike,
> I agree with John - the Gramercy Fives, both the one with Billy
> Butterfield and the one with Roy Eldridge - are probably worth the
> price of the album.
> Enjoy!
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> > >>>If the Gramercy's are on there it will be worth whatever you are
> paying
> > for it Mike<<<
> >
> > Lots of Gramercys (Gramercies?) -- !
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