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All I know about it is based on the website it was posted.  The version you are hearing is from the Reader Digest album collection.  A short writeup of that collection can be found at Wikipedia:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_Band_Era   

I do not have this collection.  Maybe someone who has access to that collection can enlighten us further if there is a discography included in the set.  


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> > http://hbronner.org/Music29/THEGREATBADERA/Larry_Clinton-I_Double_Dare_You.mp3
> Dear Snog,
> Is that version from the 1937 Associated Transcription or
> the Victor recording?
> Both with singer Bea Wain.
> It swings well.
> Kind regards,
> Bill (who doesn't have a single Clinton record in his
> collection).
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