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It is very rewarding to have been able to function as a go between on this 
and the record guild lists and make a whole lot of people happy.  That is 
the kind of thing that can only be accomplished by lists such as these. All 
involved could spend the rest of their lives and never match up this 
information.  Thank you one and all.


Martin D. McKay (Designated Listener)

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> Bill Haesler wrote:
>> Dear Mart,
>> On 28 March 1964 the Eddie Condon Band was in Japan, or on a plane home 
>> from there.
>> It had just been to Australia. (I know we spent a weekend with them at 
>> the time.)
>> Buck Clayton (t) Vic Dickenson (tb) Pee Wee Russell (cl) Bud Freeman (ts) 
>> Dick Cary (p,alto-hrn) Eddie Condon (g) Jack Lesberg (b) Cliff Leeman (d) 
>> Jimmy Rushing (vcl)
>> I have on file details of a concert performance in Osaka on 27 March 
>> 1964. Eleven titles were released on a blank label LP. I have details and 
>> track order.
>> Wikipedia provides the following information: "The 1964 Indianapolis 500 
>> was held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Saturday, May 30, 1964. It 
>> was won by A.J. Foyt, but is best known for a fiery second-lap accident 
>> that resulted in the deaths of Eddie Sachs and Dave MacDonald, involving 
>> a total of seven cars."
>> The Indy races in 1963 and 1965 were also held at the end of May.
>> If you could somehow obtain the tune titles, or name a musician or two on 
>> the disc, it may help identification.
>> In the meantime, I'll do some more digging.
>> Kind regards,
>> Bill.
> I have sent Martin the personnel and tune list offlist. I meant to send it 
> to list, but apparently hit the "reply" instead of reply all icon. For 
> those who would like to see my comments, here they are:
>> The recording is listed in Harold Jones "Bobby Hackett: A 
>> Bio-Discography" on p.159. Personnel are Bobby Hackett-c, Lou 
>> McGarity-tb, Peanuts Hucko-cl, Johnny Varro-p. Eddie Condon-g, Jack 
>> Lesberg-b, Buzzy Drootin-dr. Titles are St. Louis Blues, Squeeze Me, 
>> Struttin' With Some Barbecue, Sweet Georgia Brown, If I Could be with 
>> You..., In A Mellow Tone, Rosetta. Jones lists the session under 
>> Hackett's name. I am a Hackett completist but have never encountered a 
>> copy of this disc. Apparently neither has Jones, as he overlooks the 
>> RG280 number on the reverse, listing it instead as RG279A/B.
>> It is a private recording, as you might have readily guessed, but I have 
>> no clue as to who recorded it, or where the show was. That's not to say 
>> there are no suspects. The fact is there are way too many suspects. I was 
>> only 11 at the time it was recorded. Some of the elder statesmen of the 
>> Indianapolis Jazz Club might have a better idea. Some of them might have 
>> been there, although I can say with a fair degree of certainty that the 
>> event was never mentioned in the Jazz Cub's newsletter, of which I have a 
>> complete file. I think the odds are against the event being a public 
>> affair. Bobby and the band were probably flown in for a private party. 
>> Bobby had some personal contacts here in those days. His Henry Hudson 
>> Hotel band played a gig with the Indianapolis Symphony a few years prior 
>> to this, an unusual booking for that band, and for the Symphony for that 
>> matter,  to say the least. He also played a gig or two with his low-key 
>> quartet in the years immediately following at the Embers in Indianapolis, 
>> a club which usually booked flashier floorshow type acts.
>> I will be happy to check the local resources for any mention of the event 
>> in the daily newpapers and I willalso circulate a copy of your e-mail to 
>> a few people who might be able to shed more light on it. In the meantime, 
>> I would suhggest that Jones must have had a source and he must know it 
>> was. You might be able to reach him by writing to the publisher, 
>> Greenwood Press, in Westport CT. Possibly the discographical series 
>> editor, Michael Gray would be the man to address. You might conceivably 
>> get Jones' address from the copyright files at the Library of Congress. 
>> His book was published in 1999.
>> Steve Holzer
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