[Dixielandjazz] Jukebox revisited (WAS: 1950s - 60s jukebox)

pj.ladd pj.ladd at btinternet.com
Tue Sep 23 02:38:26 PDT 2008

re your recommended `Juke Box` page.

Looking through the list of records on the juke box I was struck by how few 
of them made it in the UK.

>From the first list there were 12 out of 23 and that count is high because 
of the Bill Hailey  numbers. In the second list there were only 3. Some of 
the numbers made it to the top here  when recorded by someone other than the 
groups listed.

Perhaps the discrepancy is due to the few radio stations we had then which 
meant that the BBC had a near monopoly on choosing what was played.



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