[Dixielandjazz] Dick Sudhalter

Gerard Bielderman gerard.bielderman at tiscali.nl
Mon Sep 22 03:39:08 PDT 2008

Many of you don't know that in January 2004 I published a DICK SUDHALTER 
DISCOGRAPHY in my series "Swingin' Americans" (No.12). During 2003 I was in 
regular contact with him and he supplied much worthwhile information. He 
also wrote - specially for the booklet - his own biography and it might be 
interesting to read his last paragraph:

Has it all been worth while? I suppose so, although I can't escape the 
realization that there was so much more I'd have liked to do, to achieve. 
Then again, I'm only 65, and these days that's not all too much. So let's 
just say, Dick Sudhalter is still a work in progress, yet to be evaluated.

I asked him which first name I should use for the booklet, Richard or Dick. 
His explanation was: Richard for me as an author, Dick as a musician.

Gerard Bielderman
Leie 18
Publisher of jazz discographies

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